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Brier Island Lodge, perched atop the cliffs of Brier Island and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, offers you comfortable, oceanfront accommodations along with a unique Nova Scotia regional dining experience and whale watching tours.

Accessible by two short ferry rides from the end of Digby Neck, Brier Island offers a truly different pace of life for residents and visitors alike. The fishing boats still come and go as they have done for generations, the whales swim by as they have done since time immemorial, and the eternal tides rise and fall like clockwork.

For those who are looking for an escape from hustle and bustle, it does not matter if you visit Brier Island in the warm sunshine or cloaked in mysterious fog - you can't help but relax and slow down while you're here.


World Class Whale Watching

Whale Watching in the Bay of Fundy

If you have never seen whales up close, you are in for a memorable experience. Our whale watching tours take visitors out into the Bay of Fundy to see the whales and dolphins up close in their natural habitat. Humpback Whales, Finback Whales, Minke Whales, Harbour Porpoises and White-Sided Dolphins are common. Occasionally the endangered Atlantic Right Whale, Pilot Whales and White-Beaked Dolphins are seen. Very rarely, a Blue Whale, Beluga Whale, Sperm Whale or Orca (Killer) Whale is spotted. It's thrilling to see whales spouting when they surface for air, or spyhopping in apparent curiosity, and a whale breaching mere feet from the boat is an unforgettable, awe-inspiring brush with Nature! To observe these gentle giants of the deep in person might even be a life-changing experience for some.

Coastal Hiking

Experience Untouched Wildlife

Only a few steps from Brier Island Lodge you will find a multitude of nature and hiking trails. As there aren't many roads on the island, visitors are encouraged to walk the winding gravel byways and cliff-top hiking trails. Trails wind from Northern Light all the way along the coast past Western Light to Pond Cove (except for a detour around Whipple Point as it is a bird nesting area). Several small, interesting paths and gravel roads connect the trails along the Western side of Brier Island with the Village of Westport on the Eastern Side.

Interesting Geology

Rare rocks and seaglass aplenty

Don't forget to try out rockhounding on Brier Island. The island consists of a Basalt rock formation with columns of basalt on the southern shore while the north shore features dolomite with veins of quartz and agate. Shingle and cobble beaches yield agate, jasper, zeolite and amethyst for the avid collector. Columnar basalt, reminiscent of the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, can be seen in dramatic form at Northern Point and Greenhead.

Nature Perfectly Preserved

Explore a hidden Nature Conservency

One third of the island is owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the rare Eastern Mountain aven, the millions of birds that migrate through here every year, and the unqiue geology all contribute to a beautiful locale.

Rare Bird Watching

Hundreds of Species of Birds

Bring your binoculars and experience the best of Nova Scotia bird watching along the Bay of Fundy! As Brier Island is located on the Atlantic Flyway Migratory Route, many species of birds visit its shores and feed in off-shore waters making it a popular destination for watching numerous species of sea birds, shore birds and waterfowl. With more the 170 species spotted (including rarities such as cattle egret, Western kingbird, scarlet tanager, Mississippi kite), Brier Island will surprise and delight the avid or casual bird watcher. Warblers, owls, hawks, eagles, petrels, gannets, ducks, shearwaters, phalaropes, turkey vultures, songbirds and many others can be found here at different times of the year. The Fall migration attracts bird watchers from all over North America and Europe as it is one of the best times for birdwatching, especially raptors such as hawks.

Storm Chasing

Year round fun for the thrill seekers

Although Brier Island is a very calm and peaceful place during the spring, summer, and fall, once late September and October roll around the Island transforms into an exciting place, mysterious fog shrowding the tempest winds. Truly a beautiful site.

Authentic Locale

Genuine Nova Scotia Culture

The village of Westport, Nova Scotia is the only community on Brier Island. First settled in 1769, Westport is a traditional working fishing village and has always made it's fortunes from the sea which surrounds it. With a current population of over 200 permanent residents, most who make their living fishing, Westport stands as a prime example of the industrious and friendly nature of the Nova Scotian people.


Services we provide

Fully Equipped

Our lodge features baths in every room, hairdryers, and fridges to make sure your stay is comfortable


Our lounge overlooks the beautiful Grand Passage and is fully licensed, featuring TV and entertainment


Our on site restaraunt offers gourmet fresh food whether you're a guest or not.

Pet Friendly

Rooms that are marked as such are pet friendly, so your pets can enjoy Brier Island themselves.

Fishing & Fires

Fish right off the docks of Westport or have a campfire down at Pond Cove!


High speed intenet is available free of charge in every room. And in all public areas.



Jacuzzi Room Ocean View


Queen Bed with Jacuuzi

A spacious, ocean view room overtop the Grand Passage in view of The Bay of Fundy and Peter's Island Lighthouse

  • Internet / Free Wifi
  • Full Bathroom
  • Ocean View
  • Fridge
  • Two Person Jacuuzi
Room 1

One King $149/ Night

Room 1

Two Queens $149/ Night

Room 1

Two Doubles $149/ Night

Room 1

Budget Queen $109/$119

Room 1

Budget Double & Single $109/119

Room 1

Queen Accessible $149/ Night



Island Activities

Experiences Brier Island Offers

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Whale Watching

Brier Island Lodge is partnered with several whale watched on both Brier and Long Island, offering a discount when booking a room. Find out more information here!

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Nature Tours

Renowned author and journalist Robert Galbraith offers guided nature tours of Brier Island, offering a discount when booking a room. See the beauty the island has today.

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Brier Wood Farm

Beautiful Alpacas, all manner of free roaming animals and on-sight rug hooking! Truly a beautiful place on Brier Island and a must see for every traveler


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