Relax in the Brier Patch Lounge



After your meal you can relax in the Brier Patch lounge/library. Sink into one of the recliners or curl up on the couch with a good book.


 Brier Island Lodge Walk about 2


Brier Island Lodge Walk about 50



The view from the Lounge is one of the best on the Island



Brier Island Lodge Walk about 49







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Guest Stories

My husband, our friends and myself were at Brier Island Lodge Monday July 5th. We enjoyed the food and Jess was our waiter and he showed my husband how to eat a lobster since he never had lobster before. Jess was very knowledgeable he showed my husband a few tricks on how to eat it. Our stay was very relaxing. The staff are friendly. We went out the next morning with Captain Roy whale watching. … read more

Doug and Laurie Fretz
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