What to Bring?

The most important thing to bring on your whale watching trip or harbour cruise is an understanding and respect of nature. It is a privilege to experience the Bay of Fundy in it's natural state and cycles; an honour we share with our guests.


For Your Comfortwhalewatch

Dress in warm layers. It can very chilly (think spring/fall temperatures) on the Bay of Fundy, even on hot summer days. While we do have a heated cabin, we know you will want to experience the spectacular view from the upper observation deck on Island Link.


Lunch/Snack. Our boxed lunches are perfect to take out on your cruise, or you are welcome to bring your own. We recommend, at minimum, bringing a bottle of water.


Sturdy Footwear. The loading dock and decks on the boat can be slippery, especially when wet. Please wear comfortable, sturdy shoes for your safety.


Sunglasses & Sunscreen. Sunlight reflecting off the water can very intense, even on foggy days.


Camera & Batteries. You won't want to miss the opportunity to show your friends & family back home what a great time you had!


Binoculars. Very helpful for birdwatching on your tour, but you won't need binoculars to see the whales!




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