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Questions And Answers


What do I need to bring along on my cruise?

Check out our What To Bring page for more information.


Will I get seasick?

Your cruise guide will provide tips at the start of your cruise to reduce seasickness. Generally, if you don't have motion sickness travelling in a car or airplane you will won't have seasickness unless seas are particularly rough.


Does the boat have a washroom?

Brier Island Whale & Seabird Adventures:
  • Mega Nova - YES
  • Cetacean Adventure Zodiac - NO

Mariner Cruises:
  • Chad and Sisters Two - YES


Where do I check-in and pick up my tickets?

Please check-in and pick up your tickets at the front desk of your whale watching office. We ask that you check-in at your tour provider at least 1 hour before your cruise departure.


Where are the boats located? Is there parking available?

The boats are berthed at a wharf right here on the island, only a 3 minute drive from the Lodge.  There is adequate parking along the side of the road adjacent to the wharf.




Whale Watching

What types of whales and other marine life will I see?

Please check out the Flora & Fauna page for information on the whales and other marine life that makes their home in the waters surrounding Brier Island.


How long is a whale watching cruise?

Your whale watching cruise should be about 2 to 3 hours long depending on weather and sea conditions as well as the location of the whales that day. It is important to allow extra time in your travel plans to enjoy all Brier Island has to offer.


How close will we be to the whales?

Whale Watching tours in Nova Scotia follow a very strict code of ethics regarding approaching and viewing whales, dolphins and other marine life. When tour boats are in the vicinity of the whales the engine is turned off and then it is up to the whales to choose to approach the the boat or not. Very close sightings, while common, are an honour and respect for the whales is our top priority


Do you have a tour guide? Will they talk about whales?

Yes! Our whale watching tours have a local guide who will share their expertise about the Bay of Fundy and all the natural wonders you will experience including whales, sea birds, geology, tides, etc. We encourage you to ask the crew any questions you may have.


Which cruise time is better? How do I choose?

We encourage our guests to choose the earliest cruise possible that will work with their travel plans to allow for a back-up time in case of inclement weather or cancellation. It is best to have at least two days to enjoy all Brier Island has to offer.





The Bay of Fundy

What exactly is the Bay of Fundy? Where is it?

The Bay of Fundy (French: Baie de Fundy) is a bay that starts at Western Light, Brier Island and covers the waters West to Maine and the Atlantic ocean North between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It is world famous due to have the highest tides in the world and biodiversity comparable to the Amazon Rainforest.


What makes the Bay of Fundy special?

The Bay of Fundy not only has the highest tides in the world but is a top destination for whale watching due to the number and variety of species of whales (including the endangered Atlantic Right Whale) that feed in it's waters. Every tide cycle (about 4 per day) 100 billion tonnes of seawater flows through the Bay of Fundy carrying with an abundance of krill and other marine prey which the whales, dolphins and porpoises, fish and seabirds feed on creating a truly unique and fascinating ecosystem.


How high are the tides on Brier Island?

The tides on Brier Island reach up 28' depending on the season and phase of the moon. The dramatic difference is most noticeable on the cliffs below Brier Island Lodge and at the Westport Ferry wharf.




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